Two good friends who share their passion about the world of fashion and entrepreneurship brought together. Suddenly the idea of creating WOLFGANG, our own brand, came up.

The beginning of course was not easy at all. After many emails, calls, trips, visits to many factories that rejected us for not reaching the minimum production, not believing in our project ... we finally got the collaboration of an artisans family with a long history in the world of footwear. So, we decided to start with our first design. Indeed, we were looking for shoes for daily use, which were comfortable, timeless and above all simple, but not boring.

After many modifications and improvements in our shoes and a few days before launching our first collection, the widely known Covid-19 appeared. The pandemic surprised us by delaying our effort. However, our idea was still stand. Even though we tarried the release date several times, we finally managed to go on the market. This is the story of how we started to shape this ambitious project.

WOLFGANG represents a contemporary, explorer, daring and curious person. A person who takes care of him/herself inside and out, and who cares about his/her environment.