We care about our planet, and that is why we ensure that our brand is committed to protecting the environment and sustainability. Much of our products are made with premium quality recycled materials, as well as the use of renewable energy in the manufacturing process. We face the challenge of continuing to implement all the necessary measures to improve our environment and contribute as much as possible to improve our planet.


We give ourselves body and soul in our work. We are passionate about our products, the dreams of our customers and the growth of our company.


Our commitment is also to ensure good working conditions and to bet on local products. We have the most experienced Spanish artisans, who lovingly produce our products.


The dedication and collective talent of a team dedicated to its work is an essential tool to create our shoe. All people represent commitment, entrepreneurship and authenticity.


Excellence that endures over time speaks for itself. For Wolfgang, excellence is long-term vision, common sense, the ability to meet challenges and efficiency.